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Soft Enamel Lapel Pins

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Soft Enamel Badges have the enamel placed in the recess of the stamped badge and when baked leave a nice dip which raises the metal above the enamel.

We think this works nice to give an extra dimension without the cost of a 3D modeled badge. If you don’t like the traditional sunken soft enamel finish, but don’t need a hard enamel badge, then we can add an epoxy coating, which is a clear resin over the badge, this all adds protection to the enamel.

You can read our blog post about the difference between Soft Enamel & Hard Enamel Badges.

These are our regular soft enamel badges, a great cost effective option and great quality that are subject to our terms of quality. We can also offer a premium soft enamel badge.

Soft Enamel Lapel Pins Price Matrix

If the price isn't shown or you're not sure about your design, get in touch and get a quote

Size 1 2-4 5-9 10-24 25-49 50-99 100-199 200-299 300-499 500-999 1000-2499 2500-4999 More
Up to 20mm $197.99 $96.89 $39.02 $20.21 $8.43 $4.39 $2.45 $1.50 $1.18 $0.93 $0.74 $0.61 Enquire
Up to 26mm $198.14 $97.04 $39.17 $20.36 $8.54 $4.58 $2.65 $1.69 $1.38 $1.12 $0.93 $0.79 Enquire
Up to 30mm $207.70 $101.72 $41.10 $21.40 $8.88 $4.85 $2.86 $1.84 $1.51 $1.25 $1.04 $0.91 Enquire
Up to 35mm $207.83 $101.85 $41.23 $21.53 $9.08 $5.02 $3.00 $2.01 $1.67 $1.40 $1.20 $1.07 Enquire
Up to 40mm $217.41 $106.56 $43.18 $22.59 $9.56 $5.31 $3.22 $2.18 $1.83 $1.55 $1.34 $1.20 Enquire
Up to 45mm $217.60 $106.74 $43.36 $22.97 $9.74 $5.57 $3.44 $2.38 $2.03 $1.75 $1.54 $1.40 Enquire
Up to 50mm $23.70 $116.10 $47.20 $25.03 $9.83 $5.66 $3.55 $2.50 $2.16 $1.87 $1.67 $1.52 Enquire
Up to 55mm $236.70 $116.10 $47.20 $25.03 $10.71 $6.14 $3.85 $2.70 $2.33 $2.02 $1.79 $1.56 Enquire
Up to 60mm $246.27 $120.81 $49.15 $26.09 $11.44 $6.62 $4.17 $2.96 $2.56 $2.24 $2.00 $1.76 Enquire
Up to 65mm $274.78 $134.71 $54.78 $29.05 $12.77 $7.34 $4.62 $3.25 $2.81 $2.45 $2.17 $1.92 Enquire


  • Standard 16 March to 22 March 2023
  • Express 4 March to 15 March 2023
  • Need it faster? Call us on

If you have a deadline please get in touch.

Configure your product

This is the longest measurement height or width.

Epoxy is a resin dome that is used to protect the soft enamel. When used you do loose the tactile nature of the sunken soft enamel.

Extra details
Size up to 85x55mm

Backing Cards

Add your own custom design, branding, description or what ever you like for presentaional purposes.

We will pin in position, individually bag ready for handing out.

+ $0.25 each
+ $0.38 each


Silkscreen or Pad printing are techniques we can use to add spot colours to our products. As they are printed they do not have the same restrictions as enamel, they do not need to be outlined by metal or need to be a certain size, however its worth noting the smaller they are the detail and registration is not as accurate.

Hole inside badge

When to cut out?

A cut out is where a clear hole is made or that the hole inside a badge is larger than the opening gap around the edge.

Laser engraved on reverse

Sequential Numbers

Are your pins a limited edition and you want to show this with a personal number on the reverse.

We will laser engrave the number on the back of the badge.

Small custom logo on reverse


Add your own logo to the back of a badge, for branding or extra advertising.

Your design

Allowed file types to upload: .ai,.eps,.jpg,.gif,.psd,.pdf,.tif,.zip

Only one design per order. You can also order without a design file, either email it us later or a give us a detailed description for our professional design team to help

Your design will be checked and made compatible for this product for production by our team of in house designers

Unit price $TBA ea.


Approx 16 March to 22 March 2023

Standard Express - delivery on or before date: Even Faster?

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Save tba%
per unit if you order tba at $0.76 ea.
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Product Enquiry

Enamel Design Guide

We've put together this handy little enamel design guide PDF, all the guides and dimensions you must adhear to when designing the perfect enamel badge.

Download the PDF now
Enamel design guide preview image
Our Order Process

See our simple 3 steps in the ordering process, from Design to Delivery.

Prices and Design
Step 1: Approve Prices

Send us your design or sketches and whether you order online or email design, once you’re happy with our prices we proceed with your order

Design and Prices
Step 2: Approve Design

We will e-mail you a picture of how your item will look. You can request edits until you are 100% satisfied with the design.

Step 3: Receive your goods

Once approved your design will go to manufacture and we will send your order as soon as it's ready.

Our Price Promise

We regularly compare our prices to ensure we are giving you the best price & quality available. If you find a better price somewhere, challenge us to beat it.

If you are looking to order over 5,000 Soft Enamel Lapel Pins badges, please contact us for our very best price.

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