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Release Your Inner Wizard

Harry Potter is a global phenomenon that has taken over the world over the last decade and so has their merch! Create your favourite characters from the Wizarding World or show your loyalty for your house, whether that be Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or even Slytherin! Whether you're simply a fan or want to create the perfect products to sell, we can help you create wanderful designs!

Pin or Patch?

Show your love for all things Harry Potter with a pin or patch! Stick your pins to your pin board or clothing or iron on your patches on to jackets and more to show the world your appreciation for Hogwarts and beyond! 

Stunning Slytherin 

We absolutely adore this Severus Snape design by Branca Studio and Maldo Illustration. They created this stunning pin opting for soft enamel, black dye plating and an iron base. If you are wanting to create an outstanding pin, you can design your own from scratch or get one of our talented designers to assist you. 

Potion or Poison?

The possibilities are endless with pins. Whether you'd like to keep your pins for yourself and share them with friends and family or want to create your own unique line of merchandise dedicated to the Harry Potter franchise, the choice is yours! Pick your potion or poison. 

Made by Cooper
23 July 2021
Ideas, Products, Badges