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RuPaul’s Drag Race - Violet Chachki

Unless you live under a rock, you probably will have heard of the legendary show, Ru Paul’s Drag Race (we’re all big fans if you can’t tell!) If you haven’t heard of it, then we seriously suggest you go and give it a go! However, if you haven’t, RPDR is a reality competition show where they search for ‘America’s Best Drag Superstar’. Think America’s Next Top Model except with drag queens. 

We recently had the chance to work up close and personal with the winner of season seven of Ru Paul’s Drag Race - the one and only Violet Chachki! We are still absolutely over the moon that we got such an amazing opportunity!

Violet sent over a few photographs as some options of what she would like to use for her enamel pins. From this, our in-house designers then advised what they thought would work best and went from there. We opted to create her pin badge in soft enamel, use black dye plating and have a size of 30mm. It looks absolutely stunning if we do say so ourselves! We really can use anything at all to bring your ideas to life. Whether that be a picture, a scribble on a piece of paper or some of your ideas rambled down the phone! 

Lapel pins are a great addition to any merchandise line. Not only do they bring in additional revenue, but they also promote your brand as people show them off. Why not add some to your collection? 

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Made by Cooper
1 December 2021
News, Badges