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Make It Super This Super Bowl

The annual Super Bowl is around the corner leaving a buzz in the air this February, it is an exciting time for both fans and the sporting industry.

Sporting events happen all year round but how can you get involved? Custom made trading pins are great for Basketball, Baseball, Soccer and more to trade at tournaments and matches. Trading pins are traditionally exchanged at the end of a game to celebrate the event contribution and play.

If you are hosting a tournament or a sports team competing, let us create trading pins you can be proud of. There is no limit to the awesomeness we can create to make your pins stand out from the crowd. Why not add extras to your trading pins such as sliders, glow in the dark, glitter, spinners and more to add value to your pins when trading with other enthusiasts. Our lapel pins can be designed in any size, shape and color so it's time to get creating! To find out more about our 'extra' options check out our recent blog post.

If you are thinking about planning a sporting event or setting up a sports club of your own, branding your team or event is an effective way to raise awareness or encourage fundraising. Whether it be American Football, Basketball or Baseball, having a clear brand image can reflect your clubs reputation and identity. Adding custom patches to sports kit and apparel is a great way to organically show off your teams emblems and get everyone knowing who you are.

So if you are a new sports club working in line of a budget or an established organization needing large quantities, we have a wide range of custom made products for you that are made to a high quality but without the premium price tag.

Get in touch with our skilled in house design team at to get started today or get all your pinspiration on Instagram and Pinterest.

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