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Make It Extra Special

Everybody loves extra fries, extra days off and those who go the extra mile, right? So why should your lapel pins be any different. Make your lapel pins extra special with a wide range of added extras available on both soft and hard enamel.

We can create anything from spinners, sliders and LED to glitter, glow in the dark and gem stones! Have something else in mind? Let us know and we can create it, the possibilities are endless for your designs.

Adding extras to your pins not only makes them unique and stand out against the competition, it also adds value to your pins making them more exclusive.

Whether it is for trading pins, giveaways or seasonal promotions such as Christmas trust us to take care of your design. Adding glitter as an extra can add a festive touch to your collection this holiday, perfect for sale or promotional purposes. Glitter is available on soft enamel, hard enamel, premium and rainbow plated pins. 

To get started get in touch with our in house design team at or check out our Pinterest and Instagram for some pinspiration.

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