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Learn how to use glitter enamel to make your pin badges truly unique like our clients did with this collection of badges with skulls, wolves, bees and logos.

Add Sparkle To Your Merch With Glitter Enamel Pins

We love enamel pin badges.

We create millions of these fun, creative, useful, and profitable products every year. But did you know we can add glitter to enamel to give your pin badges a little more pizzazz?  

Here's how you can use glitter enamel to breath-taking effect.

How We Make Glitter Enamel Pins

We make badges with glitter the same way we manufacture any other type of pin badge. Once we've created the mould, we add the enamel to the recessed areas of the metal base before baking the badges to solidify the enamel. You can add glitter to either soft or hard enamel pins.

With glitter pin badges, we mix the glitter into the enamel before adding it to the metal base. Because we bake the glitter into the enamel, there's no glittery mess like you'd find on a jazzy birthday card or your 6-year-old nephew's latest art project. 

Once the pins are baked and polished, the glitter elements catch the light, giving your pins a dazzling finish.

How To Use Glitter In Your Enamel Pins

Whether you like a subtle touch or in-your-face flamboyance, you can use enamel glitter to take your pin badge designs to the next level. Here's how some of our talented clients incorporate it.

Hair or Skin Tone

If your pin badges feature people or characters, you can use the glitter to give their hairstyles, facial features, or skin tones a dynamic look to accentuate their appearance.

Background Style

Using enamel glitter in a pin badge background can highlight the design's main focus without detracting from the overall message. They look fantastic on backing cards too.

Subtle Hints

Sometimes, less is more, and if you add small touches of enamel glitter to your badge, you can bring the piece to life without being overbearing.

Go All Out

There are times when you can throw subtlety in the bin and go all out - glitter everywhere, more is more, and still achieve beautiful results.


Using glitter in typographic designs can really bring your badges to life in an otherwise tricky medium. Get your message across in sparkling fashion. 

Key Takeaways

Glitter enamel pins are a fantastic way to add a touch of sparkle and excitement to your personal style and your brand's merchandise. They're unique, customisable, and can carry a lot of meaning in a small package. 

By incorporating glitter into your pin badge products, you can distinguish your designs from the rest of the market in a distinctive way. You can use our FREE design service to help you implement your glittery ideas.

Send us a message to get the ball rolling and we'll help you add a little sparkle to the world.

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April 24 2024

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