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Soft Enamel vs Hard Enamel Pins

One of the most often asked questions is what's the difference between Hard and Soft Enamel badges.

The short answer is hard enamel is polished flat and soft enamel has recessed enamel. The detail that can be achieved in the them is also different.

Soft Enamel

First the image is stamped in the metal and cut to size. The badges are then plated in the metal plating such as gold or nickel. After this the enamel is added in the the recessed areas and put through ovens to bake the enamel hard. When dry the enamel clings to the edges and...

Clothing Labels for Street Legends

We recently supplied Street Legends with some woven labels for their new premium silk screened t-shirts. We achieved a high level of detail in the label even down to the year being visible in the center.

We were sent a picture with them sewn into position and have to say they finish off the t-shirts really nicely.

Launching Soon, Street Legends make premium clothing, art, products and accessories that celebrate cult classics and icons of the road.

Comparing Woven Badges & Embroidered Patches

Whats the difference between Woven Cloth and Embroidered Cloth?

Woven cloth is a badge made of different threads woven together, similar to how a digital image is made up of Dots, This means we can achieve higher detail than Embroidered Badges.

Embroidered patches are made up of threads but stitched together on a background. We can't achieve the same high detail as with Woven Cloth Badges but the effect is closer to the original stitched style badges.

Both are machine made and are excellent quality, it comes down to your design and...

Every Day is Play Coin

Every Day is Play is a book project to celebrate the game—uniting artists and gamers across the globe through video game culture and creativity, which was successfully funded on Sep 1 on Kickstarter

Game Paused is an active promotor of Video Game Culture, combining games and art through various projects, products and platforms.

Created by Matthew Kenyon in 2005 to merge two of his greatest passions together (design & games), after building a piece of art inspired by the Nintendo NES console. More recently, Game Paused were successful with their first Kickstarter project '...

TypeKit Badge

TypeKit asked us to reproduce their logo in a badge and this is the result. The design is very simple and not much in way of design for us to do, but we helped guide them through the process and what would look best.

The TypeKit logo is actually a white 'T' on a green background but rather than use a white enamel for the 'T' we suggested we replace it with metal which to give it a higher quality finish and much more like a metal enamel pin badge. If we had used a white infill, then we'd need to outline that white...

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