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Professional Design

We use the latest up to date software packages to create accurate designs of what your badge, medal, lanyard etc will look like.

We provide a FREE design* service on all orders, this helps you understand what your item will look like before a penny is spent on production.

Once you place your order we will provide you with a compatible visual for you to check, change or approve. Like the example the idea and our design to the right.

*Design is free for orders only, if you terminate your order or change to a different design (not alterations) once the first design has been submitted then there is charge payable

Our process in 3 simple steps

Prices and Design

1. Approve Prices

Send us your design or sketches and whether you order online or email design, once you’re happy with our prices we proceed with your order

Design and Prices

2. Approve Design

We will e-mail you a picture of how your item will look. You can request edits until you are 100% satisfied with the design.

Design and Prices

3. Receive your goods

Once approved we will go to manufacture and send to you as soon as they are ready.

Little Design guide

Few things you might find helpful for some of the most common materials.

Metal & Enamel

Designing in metal and enamel has its set of constrains, whether it is a small enamel badge, large 3D medal or enamel keyring, they all have a similar set of rules.

  • Each enamel colour requires a (metal) die line between them, this acts like a wall to stop enamel mixing together.
  • Smallest die line is 0.2mm thickness, so when designing in enamel and metal set your line tool to 0.2mm as the smallest line we can achieve.
  • Smallest text as a guide line is helvetica 4pt, but please check any special fonts with a line at 0.2mm for size.
  • For Soft Enamel Please allow about 0.3mm for an enamel line and 0.5mm for Hard Enamel. Enamel starts life as a liquid, and it is hand syringed into the the space, 0.3mm is very small but still achivable.
  • Due to the high polishing nature of Hard enamel, this process is more likley to spread and the details to appear rounded or thicker.
  • If you don't require enamel in your design and just raised and polished, the 0.2mm paramenter still applies but we do have a range of textured finishes available to enhance the design.


Badges come in various platings, standard Gold, Nickel, Bronze, but also other platings, such as antiqued silver, brass and more. We will discuss and visualise the plating that best suits your job.

Embroidered & Woven

Woven cloth, just like those swimming patches you got for fetching a rubber brick from the deep end in your pyjamas.

  • Try stick to the smallest line as being 0.4mm
  • Can have an over locked edge or laser cut

Soft PVC

PVC, is a soft rubber material, that is great for vibrant colours, normally used for keyrings, but can be used for badges too.

  • PVC can be built up in different layers creating nice colourfull products,
  • Some colours may require to be seperated by a grove due to manufacture, this grove is approx 0.4mm wide, but we will advise on each design submitted.


We use the pantone reference system for colours, The Pantone Color Matching System is largely a standardized color reproduction system. By standardizing the colors, different manufacturers in different locations can all refer to the Pantone system to make sure colors match without direct contact with one another. For full colour items that use photographs we use CMYK Printing.

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