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Lanyards are worn around a person’s neck to carry a badge, a mobile phone, a whistle etc. Lanyards and badges are the perfect match as you can wear your ID badge around your neck without attaching it to your clothes. Simoney Badges supplies a variety of lanyards with a huge variety of print and fixing options.

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Flat Polyester Lanyards
Flat Polyester Lanyards

Flat Polyester Lanyards are screen printed with up to 4 spot colours. For full colour prints please look at the…

Delivery from 2nd Jan '24
Printed Lanyards
Printed Lanyards

Printed or Heat Transfer Lanyards have the print heat transferred onto them. Heat Transfer lanyards are ideal if your artwork includes a…

Delivery from 2nd Jan '24
Fine Woven Lanyards
Fine Woven Lanyards

Fine Woven Lanyards have the logos and designs fine woven into the actual lanyard fabric so that the design becomes…

Delivery from 2nd Jan '24
Tube Lanyards
Tube Lanyards

Tube lanyards are polyester woven into a flat tube. A lanyard is worn around the neck to carry id badges,…

Delivery from 2nd Jan '24

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