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Woven Cloth Patches for Rebel Badge Book

The Rebel Badge Book was launched in 2021 by Charlie Lester, an entrepreneur who runs a successful marketing consultancy business for dating apps and tech start-ups. The book has available 52 Merit Badges to collect which explore different tasks or challenges to complete, all specifically designed for adults. The tasks are to help readers reclaim their youth and make the most of their spare time.

The patches cover different topics including Wellness, the Outdoors, Creativity, Self Awareness, Adult Life Skills and how to be a better Money Saver. So far there is a community of over 3000 enthusiastic ‘Rebel’s’ on the Facebook group and alongside the tasks set in the book, there’s also the opportunity to get involved with monthly and quarterly challenges. There will also be a Rebel Summer Camp in the UK in 2023 and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for everyone involved.

The patches themselves we have really enjoyed to help create and produce for Charly and all the Rebels who are successfully completing the tasks to collect these patches. They are Woven Cloth patches, size 35mm, and come in a variety of colours. They are very versatile and can be sewn onto clothes, bags, blankets, or displayed on wall hangings - the options are endless!

There will be another Volume of the Badge Book being released in November 2022 and we’re getting ready to start working on the new patch designs.

There’s many ways in which patches can be used and shared (and we have seen many examples over the years!). Wellbeing is such an important aspect of our health that needs to be talked about and encouraged in different ways, and we think this is such a brilliant book to showcase as an example of an innovative concept for adults to join a community where they are able to learn new skills and support each other in achieving new goals.

4 November 2022
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