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Nostalgic Embroidered Patches for Conquer Lake District

We’ve been producing woven and embroidered cloth patches for CONQUER Lake District for over four years now, and it has been amazing to see their passion for design and the great outdoors take their business from strength to strength. They have grown organically and have built their entire business based originally on patches alone! 

These patches are of high quality and all of the products they sell are made with the aim to connect people with the projects that preserve and protect our majestic National Parks. 

We recently caught up with Caroline (the brains behind Conquer Lake District!) and asked her a few questions about the patches they sell: 

What is the purpose of getting the patches made? 
The patches were made to sell. They were our entire business model back in the day. We started having them manufactures 4.5yrs ago and they were the only product we sold at the time. We have grown from a small, kitchen table hustle, to a large store front, online shop and supplier to over seventy retailers however, we still sell more patches than any other product. We built an entire business that now supports six members of staff, all on patches!
How will they be used? 
The patches that we create are Hiking Patches for the Lakeland Fells which is where we are based. One of the biggest draws to the Lake District National Park is the opportunity to climb the 214 Wainwright Fells. We provide the merit badges for these. People can celebrate their achievements with one of our patches.
What benefit do they bring to you and your company? 
The patches are our identity and in the world of retail where everything is so similar, standing out is so important. The nostalgic quality of our patches really set the tone for who we would become as a business. People love the return to old school collecting, and we’ve built a reputation for being the best provider of a quality souvenir in the Lake District. The patches and what was to follow have really set us apart from the other shops who are still selling maps on tea towels. The people who visit the Lakes have changed but the offering never has. We’ve created a cooler way to celebrate the National Park. Our patches aren’t just benefitting us. We receive messages every week telling us that our patches have inspired people to get outdoors or helped encourage their children to climb the fells. People have lots of connections and memories linked to the fells and our patches are part of that.

Conquer Lake District are a great example of how you can grow your business organically from a side hustle to a successful business. If you wish to chat through your ideas we are happy to help and guide you in the right direction with producing something special just like Caroline has, and which could potentially turn into a life changing successful business! 

4 November 2022