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How To Use Enamel Pins Within Your Business

Looking for innovative ways to bring traction to your business? Well, perhaps considering enamel pins could be the one for you! They are an innovative and creative way to bring sought after attention to your brand. From marketing campaigns to rewarding employees, the possibilities with pins are endless! 

Reward Employees 

As humans, we crave recognition from others, especially as an employee. Enamel pins can be the perfect solution to rewarding your employees. Not only does it make your staff feel valued and appreciated, but it also contributes towards word of mouth marketing. 

Ways To Identify Loyal Customers 

Giving personalised pins to your customers is a fantastic way to show you appreciate their continued support and loyalty to your brand. You could include them as part of a giveaway, send them out as a freebie or allow your customers to earn them through a loyalty scheme. If your pin aligns to your customer’s personal taste then they’re likely to show them off loud and proud, leading to many more people knowing about your business. 

Add Personality To Your Brand 

Pins are the perfect way to make your brand stand out, whilst still looking professional. The beauty of enamel pins is that you can inject as much personality as you like. Whether you prefer a clean and crisp look or something that oozes fun, our talented in-house designers can help create the perfect look for you. 

Brand Identification 

If your business regularly appears at events, such as conferences or trade shows, then pins are a great way for marketing your business. Your brand will instantly become more visible, which can lead to many people remembering you and your products. Pin badges can really set you apart from your competitors. Your brand name is much more likely to sink in due to their memory of the pin. 

Sell Pins In Your Product Shop

Enamel pins are incredibly popular with collectors and businesses alike. Avid pin collectors love to buy, sell, trade, wear and show off their pins. So, why should it be any different with your company? Having your pins readily available for customers to purchase on your online store is a great additional source of revenue, whilst also appeasing the pin lovers out there. If you feel as though your customers may not purchase a pin, you could opt for sending one out as a freebie, which could easily lead to them talking about it or wearing it, providing a free marketing opportunity! 

Spread A Message

If your business has a message you’d like to spread far and wide, a pin badge is a perfect way to do so. If you support a particular charity that is close to your heart, why not incorporate them on your lapel pin to show your support? When people wear your enamel badges, they will attract attention from onlookers, making strangers now acquainted with your brand or cause. 

Enamel pins represent so much more than a company badge. They connect people to your business with a personal touch. If your business is looking to extend their product range, then get in touch today and our dedicated team will be able to assist you embarking on your pin journey. 

Made by Cooper
12 October 2021
Ideas, Badges