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A collection of different embroidered patches to use as inspiration for your next design.

9 Embroidered Patch Ideas to Inspire Your Next Design

We've crafted hundreds of thousands of custom patches for our clients to promote their businesses, sell in their stores and shops, or express their creativity.

Embroidered patches and their textured finish lend themselves fantastically to almost any genre, as our clients consistently prove with their fantastic designs - some of which we're showcasing in this blog.

If you've always wanted to create your own embroidered patches but are stuck for ideas, check out these nine embroidered patch ideas to ignite your creativity and inspire your next product.

Singers & Music Patches

Music and band patches are a time-honored tradition for fans to sew to their denim jackets or backpacks. Whether they are fans of Taylor Swift, Bob Marley, or Iron Maiden, music enthusiasts love an embroidered patch.

The Outdoors & Nature Patches

Nature-themed patches are a hit with outdoor enthusiasts. They can feature anything from majestic wildlife to hiking and walking designs to commemorate conquering challenging trails. Whole businesses have been built around nature embroidered patches like our friends at Conquer the Lake District.

Illustrations & Drawings Patches

Have you ever wanted to see your illustrations and drawings brought to life in a different medium? Embroidered patches are the perfect way to bring your designs into the tangible world.

Animals & Pets Patches

Animal patches, like cats or dogs, are perennial favorites for animal lovers. They're a charming way to show your love for furry friends. These embroidered patch ideas can add a playful touch to any garment or accessory.

Quotes & Sayings Patches

Motivational quotes or words can be embroidered to inspire people daily and serve as a constant reminder of positivity and resilience. These patches can be a meaningful addition to your backpack, jacket, or workspace.

Sports & Teams Patches

Custom patch designs can represent sports and teams, showcasing your passion and dedication to a particular club or organization. Whether it's football, rugby, or even curling, there's a patch for every sports enthusiast.

Motorcycle Clubs & Biker Patches

Biker patches are the quintessential custom embroidered products. With a history spanning more than 100 years, motorcycle club patches are the oldest patch genre in our blog.

Fonts & Typography Patches

Monogrammed and name patches add a personal touch to any garment or accessory. They can feature initials, full names, or even special dates. These patches are a classic way to make a statement about your company name.

Retro Embroidered Patches

Vintage or retro designs can give a nostalgic feel to modern apparel. They're a fun way to pay homage to past eras and trends. Retro-embroidered patches are making a comeback as a fashion trend.

Key Takeaways: Stitch Your Story

Embroidered patches are a fun and creative way to express your personality, see your designs in a different medium or promote your brand. They allow you to tell your story in a unique and colorful way.

If these fantastic embroidered patches (all designed by our clients and made by us) have inspired you to create your own, contact us today, and we'll get the ball rolling using our FREE design service.

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July 1 2024

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